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The BIG Reunion #TBR - iNFO

♫ Warming-up session by: DJ Wally.
★ iLektrikal Freestyle by: G-Swatt, Ransom, Dustin Hertz & Clayton Cash.
♫ Remember by: Dj Bjorno & Pat B
★★ 20 years Dj Yorick show (including live-act with Jens van Hoof).
Wicked Soundz Showcase by: Dj Yorick, Zerox, Falqon & B-Shock.
★ Back to the roots of the harder styles with: DJ Rob & MC Joe
♫ Remember the X by: DJ Yves.
This event will be hosted by: Mc O-Boy.
Datum: 14 november 2015
Locatie: De Parel Fijnaart
Tijd: 21.30

The Album: OUT NOW!


1. The Big Reunion (The Anthem)
2. Time Note - API (Yorick Edit)
3. iLektrikal Revolution
4. The Creation of Your Own Mind
5. Beezz
6. Les Paul, More Hardstyle (Ft. Niek Zandee)
7. #Family (Ft. Jens van Hoof)
8. Make The Crowd Go (Ft. Dustin Hertz & MC O-Boy)
9. #Hardedm
10. Wicked Soundz
11. My Time (Ft. MC O-Boy)
12. The Head Collector (Ft. B-Shock)
13. Reborn (Ft. MC O-Boy)